About FETI – an adaptive organisation

The Further Education and Training Institute (FETI) had its roots in the National Access Consortium Western Cape (NACWC) established in 1996 as a non-profit organisation funded by the Danish Development Agency (DANIDA) and intended to be a ‘new institutional form’ that would increase access to learning and employment in a transforming education and training environment.

The NACWC mission was concerned with expanding access to education and training through partnerships, and it engaged closely with policy, particularly around the emerging National Qualifications Framework and systems development. In 2002 the NACWC became a regional SAQA office in the Western Cape, assisting stakeholders to understand the implications and workings of the new system.

In 2005 NACWC was incorporated as the FET Institute of the Faculty of Education at UWC. This enabled our innovative training, research and development work in the vocational sphere to become mainstreamed in a higher education domain, thus laying the foundation for activities in service of an integrated, coherent, future focused post school system.