A new institute for post-school studies at UWC

September 2013

The University of the Western Cape is proud to announce the establishment of its new Institute for Post-School Studies (IPSS) in the Faculty of Education.

The IPSS, led by Prof Joy Papier as its Director, brings together adult education studies (formerly in CACE), higher education studies, and vocational education studies (through the FET Institute which will be fully transitioned in 2 years). With the collective experience of its staff, all experts in their fields, the IPSS will make a substantive contribution to research in support of post-school education, training and social transformation.

Recent policies in the university, vocational, and adult education sectors emphasise the need for thinking about these domains, which have always operated in their own silos, in a more integrated and holistic way - as a post-school system in fact.

Despite increased access to education and training in recent years, largely through state bursaries and SETA projects, the post-school sector is still not meeting the skills needs of the country, and around 3 million youth and adults between the ages of 18-24 are still outside of any form of employment or learning. Against this backdrop the Minister of Higher Education has called upon universities to make a concerted effort to support the development of a coherent post-school system which contributes towards finding solutions to the multi-faceted problems of access, mobility, articulation and so on.

With this context in mind, the IPSS will focus on generating knowledge through relevant research, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes for adult educators and vocational teachers, as well as professional development and social engagement that will lead to a better understanding of the sector and the challenges facing it. It is hoped that this knowledge will not only inform policy but also assist transformation of the post-school sector in South Africa.